i've just examined my life and found it wanting

The Pope, the evening news tells me, loved the koala. This is not particularly surprising — everybody loves the koalas.

I have finished the small stuff on the copyedits, and have only the big-fix pass to go. This, of course, is the slower and more frustrating pass, as it forces me to dig ever deeper in an attempt to fix something that was already, last time I saw it, the best I thought I could do. Once more into the breach!

(Also, the fact that I have used the word "fix" twice in the past paragraph is itching at me. Clearly, my copyeditor is having an influence on me.)

In utterly trivial news, my aunt has a cat who routinely stares at the wall. She parks herself facing the wall and ignoring all others in the room. Apparently she can do this for hours. It's her way of coping, now that she's not on the kitty equivalent of valium. It's a concept guaranteed to make me giggle, quite frankly.

6 thoughts on “i've just examined my life and found it wanting

  1. Ah, but see, you are Australian. I was not clear enough: I meant everybody who visits loves the koalas. Australians tend to have other favourites.

  2. Oh okay. That's acceptable then 🙂

    I just didn't want your blog readers to think *I* was implied in any koala love… cos you know… scratchy… surly…

  3. Well, for what it's worth, if this American ever gets to Australia, I'll probably be more likely to squee over a platypus. Cuz, you know, monotremes. And poisonous jabby bits.

  4. Yes, the monotremes pretty much rock the world. Platypi and echidna are ridiculously happy-making critters. Unfortunately, you don't often get a chance to cuddle a monotreme.

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