today i am homesick for travelling

A trip to Sydney yesterday (six hours round travel time for, I kid you not, about five minutes with the surgeon) saw the dressing removed and the stitches removed.

I am now the proud bearer of a pink backward-Z-shaped scar across my left cheek and temple. It's a good three inches long and frames my eye rather nicely, and I am definitely going to be telling people it's the result of a knife fight, or a duel with Zorro, or some other such fancy. (I reserve the right to change the story as and when it suits me. I don't wear make-up, so this little sucker is going to be drawing comments for quite some time, and there is no crime more heinous than boringness, right? Right.)

Photos later, when the steri-strips come off.

While visiting said surgeon, I also received the bill for his services. Yowser. Some of it will be covered by medicare and by my health fund, but more of it will not. This is separate to the bill from the hospital and the anaesthetist and the assistant, so I am currently wondering precisely what I can sell to cover the shortfall. It would be ironic, not to mention bad practice, to have to sell a body organ to pay for my face, wouldn't it? 😐

In the meantime, the copyedits continue, and the deadline loometh. In fact, the deadline do much more than loometh. So I shall be scarce round these parts for the next little while.

2 thoughts on “today i am homesick for travelling

  1. I'm another person who doesn't wear makeup often. When I think to put on makeup, my son asks what's the special occasion?

    I'm glad the surgery and healing went as planned, but am sorry you're in financial stress as a result. Maybe you could do as some other authors do and auction off a guest role in one of your novels to raise some funds?

    Did you see the 60 Minutes report on travelling in Bhutan? The journalist made a big deal about all the Mad Monk's ceremonial dildos and paintings 😛 I don't remember you mentioning anything about those… :mrgreen: 😉

  2. Did you see the 60 Minutes report on travelling in Bhutan?

    No, disappointingly, I missed that. I did hear that they showed the temple of the divine madman, a temple to which I took a wonder through some rice fields one afternoon, and yes, the penis fascination in Bhutan is a little confronting! After a while you actually start to become a connoisseur of the artwork, noting which have hairy testicles and which don't, etc. On my first day in Thimphu, an elderly woman mistook a hand-carved wooden penis as a…rolling pin. I have never laughed so hard in all my life!

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