it's your oldest trick and your cheapest one

I present to you: Deb, the badass version, complete with scar:

Actually, as it turns out, not so badass. Just my luck, eh? Along comes a chance to acquire more of a "don't mess with me" look, and I can't even manage that.

This is two weeks (to the day) since the surgery, so I imagine the scar will only get paler and finer and more invisible as time goes on, which is a pretty amazing thought given it's actually nigh impossible to spot now. (The scar looks more noticeable in the photo than it does in real life, thanks to the flash.)

6 thoughts on “it's your oldest trick and your cheapest one

  1. More badass than you might reckon – you look like you could've been in a knife-fight and narrowly missed losing your eye. Perhaps some black gauntlets and enormous boots to go with the cutlass and eye patch… 🙂

  2. hee – if i wasn't in deadline hell, i could really dress it up before the scar fades to invisibility, couldn't i? the surgeon says it will be pink for at least six to twelve months, so i suppose i still have time!

  3. Rawr! That's hott. The whole "I'm not smiling and my eyes are icy blue and and I can keeel you with my brain" look goes well!

  4. thankyou! now i have a new unexpected bonus to enjoy! i am going to practise my "i can keel you with my brain" look until it's perfection 😉

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