an update in points

Spawn turned 2 recently, so for the family party we took her back to the animal farm where she first discovered turkeys. This time, she got to bottle-feed week-old lambs:

Brutus meanwhile discovered the overpowering joys of cupcakes:

Who needs hands, eh?

Meanwhile, on a whim, the other day I decided to test how many push-ups I can do. To make it challenging, I tried the proper form, not the on-the-knees form for girls, which is oh so much easier.

Ready for the answer?


That's right. ONE proper-form push-up had my arms shaking and me unable to do any more. Guess it goes to show that computing, no matter how fast I type, does very little for upper body strength. Whodathunkit?

So today, I started the hundred push-ups regime. Wish me luck! Maybe by the time I've finished the copyedits, I'll be able to do more than one proper form push-up! šŸ˜‰

5 thoughts on “an update in points

  1. LOL. Yeah, despite the nickname, Spawn is not in the least badass. And I suppose there is a family resemblance happening there – it's the Kalin forehead. There's no stopping it.

  2. When my arms have recovered from moving, I'll see how many pushups I can do….'cause I think I type even more than you. :p

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