oh. those books

"What kind of books?" the receptionist asks. "You mentioned that you write novels. What kind?"

"Fantasy," I say, "and some science fiction."

Her face falls flat. "Oh. I don't read those kinds of books."

I'm used to this response — it's not an uncommon one. So I shrug, and smile, and say nothing.

"Having said that," she brightens, "I did see the Spiderwick Chronicles the other day, and I quite enjoyed that…"

This, too, is not uncommon.

"Well," I say noncommittally, "that's fantasy."

She gives a little shudder. "Yes. I definitely don't like fantasy."

2 thoughts on “oh. those books

  1. In a similarly related fashion:

    I stayed with a very prolific author and artist couple back in '05 for a few months. I attended cons with them worked a bit as their personal assistant. There were occaisions at conventions where an editor or agent (someone who works in the sff industry) would say, "Hi, who are you?" …not jokingly.

    I was appauled thinking how could you work on or represent work for and not know one of the most prolific authors in the genre?

    She (the author) would always smile and say, "I've only sold xxx million books, that means there's 5.xxx billion people on the planet who still don't know my name."

    It's all about perspective.

  2. Truly? That is a little frightening! But there is just so much choice out there, and so little time, and there are books I haven't read or ever heard of which would rock my world. The thought makes me sad, and a little desperate.

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