16 thoughts on “it's been a long cold lonely winter

  1. I'm editing a report on acid sulphate soils, which has an amusing acronymn that results in sentences like:

    Impacts must be mitigated when ASS disturbance is unavoidable.

  2. Gotta take note of those small moments of amusement when they come.

  3. Any diminishment in the threat to mankind definitely counts as cheersome (I seem to be in a real mood for making up words today!)

  4. Well if my story of horror Chinese food from last night's lj doesn't count, I have a good comfort food recipe to pass on (hope you're not vegetarian – please feel to ignore if you are!)- for frosty nights, to be eaten with a glass of red, and some bread and butter:

    Sausage and Lentil Stew

    2 chorizo sausages (I got smoked wallaby from our local small goods/butcher)
    half a kilo of chippolatas
    1 onion
    bay leaves
    1 large tin crushed tomatoes
    1 bottle of tomato puree
    350 g green lentils
    about 750 ml water

    Brown chippolatas in a big pan with a little olive oil on gentle heat. Chop an onion, and slice chorizo into diagonal pieces. Add these and the bay to the mixture. When the onion is transparent and soft, add lentils and stir. Then add water and tomato mixtures. Cover and simmer for an hour. Then remove lid and continue to cook gently until mixture is thick and the lentils are very tender. Add more water during cooking if the liquid evaporates too fast.
    This is really easy, and with good smoky sausage it's incredible. Even better the next day.

  5. It's a pleasure! I often get winter blues myself, and cooking something delicious usually happens at about the time I would otherwise be wibbling. 🙂 We had a beautiful, clear and almost-frosty night last night – what's the weather like your way? Are you in the steamy parts of NSW or the cold dry parts?

  6. I'm right on the coast, so our weather tends toward steamy over dry. Was very cold just after I arrived home from the holiday, but has settled into something a bit more manageable now, thankfully!

  7. I bought myself a Wii Fit on the weekend and found myself wobbling on one leg in the middle of my lounge room like an idiot BECAUSE MY TV TOLD ME TO.

    No one will notice when the machines take over…

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