it's a godawful small affair

The stitches are out, and the pathology is in: the love-heart shaped freckle1 must be cut out. In one of life's little ironies, I will probably end up having a few author photos taken on the day I travel to Sydney for the surgery. Let's hope I can arrange for the publicity to be pre-surgery, eh?

While I was away, the dayjob had the temerity to hire a new employee called Debbie. Thus ends my claim of at long last finding a workplace which featured only the one Deb. So far I'm Deb and she's Debbie, but confusion abounds and I suspect we're going to have to resort to surnames sooner or later. Just, you know, for a change.

  1. which is not, post-biopsy, so perfectly shaped any more []

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  1. Thanks! The official word is it's not cancerous, but only just shy of it and quite suspicious. Of course, I'm paraphrasing 😉

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