from here on out it gets tricky

This week saw me in Sydney for my consult with the surgeon who will be removing the freckle. He will be doing a flap repair procedure which will, when the bandages are removed and the skin has knitted, result in a Z-shaped scar. Yes, that's right: I am going to look like I tangled with Zorro and lost, and am therefore some detestable oppressor of the people.

The surgeon does not share my sense of humour.

I suppose I can forgive him this, if his hands prove steady.

After the consult, it was off to the headquarters of Allen & Unwin to meet a slew of lovely people and to chat about the edits of Bound, which will be landing on my desk soon and need to be sent back only a little bit after soon. Here's hoping there's not too many tricky fixes, eh?

Here's also to hoping a proper title for the manuscript surfaces during the edits!

2 thoughts on “from here on out it gets tricky

  1. Knowing you, even as little as i do, you'll make a lot of fun out of that z-shaped scar.
    I hope "Bound"'s edits are kind and easy – I'm looking forward to being able to buy a copy :}

  2. Hee, I am sure I shall have a lot of fun with the scar 😉 Which is lucky, because I don't wear make-up and it will apparently take quite a while before it fades and isn't blindingly obvious. I am scheduled to have publicity photos taken the morning of the procedure – talk about the 11th hour!

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