digging a hole and the walls are caving in

My hairdresser has a Facebook page. I don't know why this amuses me, since I'm in the minority in considering it an evil website, but nevertheless amuse me it does.

After my visit to said hairdresser, I now have trimmed locks and therefore stand an improved chance of not looking entirely shabby for my publicity photos next week — which, as I predicted, will be taken scarce hours before I go under the knife for the great face stitching. Better than scarce hours after, when I will no doubt present a more than passing resemblance to a stoned Phantom of the Opera 😉

In other book-related news, I am reliably informed that my edit letter will arrive later this week, upon receipt of which I will have "a little while" to make all the necessary fixes. Eep!

Since I had the opportunity to sit down and chat with my editor last week, for values of chat equal to she grilled me about all the holes and flaws and broken bits in the story1, I'm not expecting too much in the way of surprises. I am, however, utterly unversed in edit letters and estimating how much time making requested fixes will take. Although estimates are perhaps a moot point, given the publishing schedule will impose a deadline.

Perhaps it's lucky I'm going to be on sick leave from the dayjob. I shall be able to spend the days tucked in bed or on the couch with the laptop, moving commas and resurrecting and slaying characters as the whim and direction takes me. The pain meds should make it interesting, if risky for the quality of my work!

  1. An entertaining process whereby she asks, I explain the background, she looks puzzled and says "Where do we learn that?" and I reply "Um, in the second book…?" []

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  1. I think they will be done digitally, yes. Thanks for the heads-up, I'll definitely keep it in mind!

    (Apologies if my response was delayed – I think my email ate the comment notification.)

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