you paralysed my mind and for that you suck

I've been neglecting the blog badly of late, and it's not because I found the meaning of life while stuffing envelopes.

It's been partly the frenzy of getting ready to go overseas, partly the frenzy of working what seems like every day at the dayjob, and partly the fact that I haven't been writing. It's harder to write here when I'm not writing fiction — after a while life starts to seem too drab to bother talking about. Which, yes, is a touch ironic, because when I'm not writing I have more time to actually leave the house. I never claimed to be rational, you know.

Because of the lack of writing, I'm actually itching to start writing again. Just in time for my relaxing holiday tramping around the Himalayas, when I plan to have no time for writing what with all the brain-breaking sightseeing and cultural appreciation.

I'm hoping this means I come back from Bhutan fired up and re-energised and full of fiction. I am planning on writing a novel set in a pseudo or real Bhutan, but I think I'll start that one much later, after the trip has had time to settle. The novel on the cards when I come home is the faerie novel. (Oh yes. It's obligatory. Every fantasy writer must at some stage in her career write a novel what has faerie in it.)

In the meantime, I need to fit all of this:

into this:

It looks easier in the photos than it does from here.

2 thoughts on “you paralysed my mind and for that you suck

  1. OMG, good luck cramming all that stuff in there! >_<

    Seriously, I hope you have a wonderful time in Bhutan!

  2. Thank you! I shall spend the next few days agonising over what is vital, what is crucial, what is important, and what I can live without. It's all the electrical adapters that take up the most room, blasted things!

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