the burning lake

If you peer into the burning lake, you may be able to see the pinnacle of the drowned temple, which is what you see the tour guide and driver doing here:

The Burning Lake

I can't put my finger on precisely why, but I absolutely love this picture.

Spent today attempting to knock out something approaching an outline for the next novel, since the draft and revision process of Pledged was grisly enough to make me swear I would never write a novel without an outline again.

Sadly, my outlining skills are rusty to non-existent, and so far all I have are random questions and mysterious notes to myself. Including the notation Pterodactyl!, which I scrawled to myself while away. Perhaps it was the thin mountain air, perhaps it was J, whose suggestions for my plots rank up there with Tess's or Spawn's for shock and amusement value, perhaps it was a combination of both with a touch of sleep-deprivation thrown in for good measure.

Either way, don't blame me if pterodactyls turn up in this book.

3 thoughts on “the burning lake

  1. Thankyou! It captures something about Bhutan for me – the way religion is an integral part of everyday life, the peace and sincerity with which everything is approached, the sense of magic that grown men would peer into a lake after what westerners would call a fairytale and think nothing of it…

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