i'm going to bhutan!

The last of my travel documents arrived today, making it all official: I'm going to Bhutan.

The intricacies of visiting Bhutan mean I will be on a group tour, but I've found out this morning there will only be five of us on the group, which is perfect. Also perfect is that I won't be the only single traveller in the group — there's nothing quite like being the only single person in a flock of couples, after all.

For those of you playing along at home, I'll be wending my way through Bhutan according to this itinerary, although I'll be waiting until I hit the thin altitude air before deciding whether I'll be able to cope with the trekking option.

I've memorised how to say kuzuzangpo la, but the next phrase I need to conquer will be along the lines of "Do you have anything less spicy?" and "Too hot!" because those Bhutanese eat chilli with everything, and sometimes as a meal in itself.

I have 6GB of memory card for the camera, and I'm still nervous it won't be enough.

3 thoughts on “i'm going to bhutan!

  1. OMG – am jealous! You'll have a spectacular time, I'm sure. FYI, if you're nervous about the memory card, get another. Get as many as you think you need, then get twice that amount. I'm serious – for every good picture I took last September in Europe, I took about five crappy ones. Overloading on the memory cards saved me.

  2. Thank you both! Glad to hear in particular that 6GB lasted three weeks. I'm not a huge photo taker, but what I've seen of this country makes me think I'll become snap-happy!

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