here and now not forever

I appear to have returned home ravenous.

It's true that I ate three square meals a day while away, and I did not shirk on the oily or fatty substances (hey, it gets cold over that way, and we had a lot of walking to do! Although I did draw the line at eating potato-sized chunks of pure pork fat with no actual meat attached), but it only took a day or so for my travelmates to start referring to small portions as "Deb-sized", and I managed to lose weight in the process. Yet here I am, and I cannot seem to stuff enough down my throat.

I met these three boys beside a soccer field in Jakar, Bumthang. They were part of the gang of boys who taught me how to play marbles using a technique which is quite possibly a fast-track to carpal tunnel syndrome, and who explained to me that any slope without ice on it was "not very high, after all."