everybody panic celebrate!

It's been a whirlwind couple of days.

There was the visit to a dermatologist about a suspicious freckle: I'm scheduled for a biopsy on my return1, and probably surgery to remove said freckle when the biopsy results come back. If the concept weren't so terrifying, the freckle in question would be quite cute: it's a perfect love-heart shape.

There has been yet more shopping, but today should see the last of it: spending money for the trip. I am now the proud owner of monopoly US money!

Today also brought some good news in the form of cover art. Not that I actually have cover art, but my editor is gathering information to brief the artist, and I can't tell you how utterly thrilled I am at who's been commissioned. I'm not sure I'm allowed to spill the beans on that front, and maybe it's better to keep it a surprise until there's actual art, which I will doubtless adore and pet and call George.

Also, I can't remember if I blogged this already or not, but word on the publication date is now January 2009, which means my book should be on the shelves in time for Christmas shopping.

It's such a bizarre concept I think I'll run away to the Himalayas for a fortnight to contemplate it!

  1. the fact that the dermatologist is happy to wait 3 weeks to biopsy the freckle is a huge relief — I was beginning to imagine trekking through Bhutan with black eyes and a bandaged face from an immediate excision []

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