two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl

State of the Beta Draft: still not done. (Orcs Words slaughtered: Thousands of the buggers. Literally. But they're growing back again!)

State of the Author: ugh. Did I write any of this novel the first time around? I ask only for information.

Here, have a dragon instead. I can't remember his actual name any more, but I'm pretty sure it had 'sailed' and 'water' in it, and for some reason I want to add Portuguese.


Now there's a jaw which hasn't seen any need to evolve in the last few millennia. And those are some funky-shaped digits. Apologies for the green tinge to the photo: I had to tilt the camera to avoid glare from the cage wall.

11 thoughts on “two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl

  1. Here he is. The rest of the interent refers to them as Phillippine Sail-Finned Water Dragons.

    I have to admit, I'd love one as a pet, but I don't even have a bath from one to swim in.

  2. Yes, I can see how the lack of a bath will become quite tricksome. And neither of your sinks are quite big enough to do the job either.

    But! You could buy an enormous tank instead of a desk, and put it where all those boxes are. That would be FULL OF AWESOME. And it would give the office worker reason to stare into your windows. He would have to lift his blinds for the power of flamboyant cuttlefish!

  3. I could have a desk-tank, with a nook for the chair to go, yes? And fill it with pretty poisonous things. And never, ever, ever get any work done.

    That would be way full of awesome.

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