there may still be some gaps in transmission…

New passport, iPod battery backup pack, jabs for typhoid and tetanus booster (ouch, ouch), spare memory card for the camera… all check. This travelling business is expensive, and it ain't just the airfares. It's like a month-long shopping fest beforehand, and I can't tell you how much I hate shopping. So far I've managed most of it over the net, but soon, soon, I'll have to venture out to buy some new clothes. That means the pain and trauma of public dressing rooms, and their mirrors. Gah.

It's been six and a half days of no words, and I'm starting (at last) to unwind. Enough that I'm thinking maybe it's time to start up with the words again. No idea what to write, so perhaps I'll concentrate on some short stories for a while. There's a new novel idea brewing, but I refuse to work on that just yet. If there's one thing selling the first half of the story before you've written the second taught me, it's to have the worldbuilding settled and consistent in your head before you start writing.

In the meantime, those of you casting about for help on how to write a synopsis, check out Sean Williams' blog. There'll be more from other authors to come on the 18th of March, so be sure to check back.

2 thoughts on “there may still be some gaps in transmission…

  1. I hate the "getting ready" stages of travel – so much to do that I sometimes feel like my brain is fizzing.
    However, you will have a wonderful time and come back mentally refreshed.

    I meant to ask, how do you do tummy-wise when travelling? If you're susceptible to tummy issues, consider getting some Travelan. My dad (the newly retired doctor) swears by it for travel in dodgy food situations… unless you're vegetarian (it's made of cow colustrum.)

  2. I've never really had a problem before, but I've never been in countries which are notorious for the problem, either, so I'll definitely grab some! (Cow colustrum…mmmm…yum! 😕 )

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