i've had some time to think about you

Dear Writers of East Of Everything:

Loved your work on SeaChange, and enjoyed the first episode of EoE. Truly.


Did you have to pick Bhutan? Because, you see, I'm going there NEXT WEEK. Now, I've remained relatively calm as the Tibetan crisis escalates, even though the protests are now in every single country surrounding the one I'm visiting. Then I flick on the TV to your new show, and lo and behold the very first scene shows me a Bhutanese plane barely clearing the runway before it drops out of the sky and bursts into flames.

Thank you. No — really. Thanks.

If anything goes wrong with my flight in or out of Bhutan, I'm blaming you. (That makes you responsible for my 02:00 check-in for my flight into Bhutan, by the way.)