i've created a monster

Again with the shopping today, this time for headphones. Unlike my normal wont, today, I did not shop alone: Spawn came with me.

The first sales attendant gave me a strange look when I told him I was looking for noise cancelling headphones, and eyed the seven (identical) pairs of earbuds I was currently holding.

Salesman: …uh, they're not quite what you're looking for. Also, did you really need seven pairs?
Me: Oh, no. But it's an awful lot easier to say thank you and accept them, you see. (To Spawn, who is handing me an eighth pair in her quest to clean out the bottom shelf): Thank you!

I couldn't be bothered with a pram, so I let her walk on her own. Oohboy but that's a slow way to shop. Tricky to concentrate, too. Her parents will not thank me, next time they attempt to shop, when she insists on Down, please, please, down…

Also, turns out people do look at you oddly when you call out to the child, "Spawn! This way, Spawn!"


4 thoughts on “i've created a monster

  1. It should be illegal to be that happy in a Domayne store is all I can say.

    I didn't end up getting any headphones while out, but it did give me enough of an idea of what I wanted that I came home (slipped Spawn to bed) and bought a pair online. So, sorta, yes. 😕

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