adelaide, in pictures

Dropped in on Spawn and Brutus on the way to the airport, where Spawn takes her art seriously:


and Brutus has discovered it takes work to sit:



Quickly scoped out the local:


Which was fortunate, as the fortitude I found via the local allowed me to endure the small eternity I spent at that other local attraction, Spotlight:


Spent an inordinate amount of time taunting, teasing, photographing and generally scritching the cat:


Dropped past the house where "Aunty" Jean1 raised nine children:


Enjoyed lunch on the river:


And, on leaving, successfully traumatised the cat back into his natural habitat, hiding:


  1. In fact, she's my grandfather's aunt, if I'm remembering family history aright, but everyone calls her Aunt. Apparently it's a trans-generational title. []

2 thoughts on “adelaide, in pictures

  1. How many names has Brutus had now? Brutus is an awesome name. Spawn, Spiderman's nemesis, and Brutus, who stuck it to Julius. You're an aunty to the apocalypse.

    Brutus photographs quite well, dunni?

  2. I've lost count of the names, to be honest, but Brutus is the one that stuck, just like Spawn is the one that stuck for the girl-child (although I do still call her Snorgle every now and then).

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