those who can count, and those who can't

Somewhere along the way, I forgot how to count.

This is largely a problem because revising 4,000 words a day between now and Feb 14 will not, no matter what my spreadsheet tells me, result in an extra 60,000 words revised by Feb 14.

Looks like the novel won't be finished in a week, as I've been blindly and desperately telling myself. If it was a dream of a revision, I might be able to get through 10,000 words a day and finish it in a week. Unfortunately for my head and the state of my fingernails, this is a complete bear of a revision, and some days I'm lucky to crawl forward by only 700 words, and even then I'm still leaving notes for myself to come back and fix later. Blerk.

I think I'll aim for Feb 28 instead — and hope that this time I'm counting proper.

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