the macrae field

While in Melbourne, I caught up with Andy, who claims he owns the most annoying cat in the world. It's a bold claim. I feel compelled to call him on it. One of his cat's less pleasant habits is sitting on his pillow, by his head, and licking his hair.

This, I agree, sounds particularly annoying.

Imagine my surprise on my first morning home, when my cat plonks himself on my pillow at stupid in the a.m. and (despite never displaying any such tendency in the past two years) promptly starts LICKING AND CHEWING MY HAIR.

Science tells me that a sample of one is not statistically significant, but I think I'm still safe in concluding that it's not Andy's cat whose at fault. Poor Audrey can't help herself. Clearly there is some sort of Macrae field at work, the vestiges of which clung to me on my trip home.

(It is worth noting at this point that the girlcat remained unaffected by the Macrae field. This, I believe, is largely due to the fact that she has discovered the beanbags, and we all know the beanbag snuggle factor overwhelms all other fields. She has not moved for the past twelve hours. At least.)

In other, utterly banal news, I have spent the past hour and a half fixing the laptop, since this evening the firewall spontaneously broke itself. A gazillion restarts later I have finally found my internets again! Why did this not happen on a day when I had plenty of time for writing?

Some days you win, some days the bear does.

9 thoughts on “the macrae field

  1. Ha! An intriguing theory. Perhaps a human-borne parasite that affects cat behaviour, like toxoplasmosis is supposed to affect humans? Wait till he starts in at your armpits, that's fun. Okay, too much info about my annoying cat.

    Audrey sez: Your hairs. I shall eat them.

  2. Your armpits? Oh dear me no, that doesn't sound like fun at all.

    The Macrae field appears to have worn off, as Max has not shown a great deal of interest in hairs since. So if its a parasite, it's a short-lived one that can't survive without Teh Andy's Lifeforce.


  3. *snortle* I once cat-sat a cat who liked to wake me up in the mornings with passionate kneading of my arm pits and then if that failed to wake me sufficiently, the nuzzling and licking would begin… Her parter in crime managed to lick me directly in the eye while I was talking on the phone. It was all about the kitty love in that house…
    It's a shame I've migrated south- meeting you in person would have been fun!

  4. So the armpit phenomenon is not singular to Andy and Audrey? Interesting. I have never had armpitphiliac cats, myself, for which I am profoundly grateful.

  5. Oh she's got enough hair of her own. She just does it to be annoying. Or at least that's what my guess is. If I could fathom her motivations, she would be less annoying and clearly that is not part of her plan.

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