precision. it's important.

It can be difficult to find a blog post topic when drowning in revisions. For example, the highlight of my recent days (so far as writing goes) is discovering that my character apparently, allegedly, according to what I wrote in the first draft, recovered his posie.


I'm guessing I meant poise, because soldier-types aren't particularly known for their love of posies. And because if I really did mean posie, I don't want to know what that might show about my thought processes.

Yes, as you can see, my life has been all the fun ever of late.

So in lieu of the horror show that is my brain on revisions, lookee: spiders. under the sea!

6 thoughts on “precision. it's important.

  1. The mind boggles, but it's always possible. Maybe I was in a haze of some type and started writing a story about a soldier on a quest to recover the posie. It could work.

  2. Is this your anti-hero? I always imagined him as the black gauntlet-slapping type, not so much with the posie, no. But now you've suggested it to my imagination, there the posie is. Um.

  3. yes, Sidonius – and I'd never imagined the posie before the typo, but now I can't get it out of my head either. (A girl needs something to keep her amused during the deathmarch, after all!)

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