irrational = me

Blogging may get sparse in the next week or so, as the revision deathmarch loometh. I just want to be done with this draft, so I can inflict it on my tortured faithful beta readers and just ignore it, for a little while. My head, she is running dry. I have lost all ability to evaluate a sentence for purty or even for comprehensibility.

In the meantime (because the best way to procrastinate is external stress, don't you know?), I've been thinking about a holiday to Bhutan.

Initially I thought about putting the trip off until October, for a variety of reasons, but recently I began questioning the wisdom of that. If not now, when? The trip is not going to get any cheaper for waiting. Last night I almost signed up, money on the counter. Then I realised that I would have to travel via Bangkok and, for reasons that are lost in the shadows of time and may never have had any foundation anyway, I am terrified of Bangkok. Honestly, it's completely irrational and I don't know why, but there it is.

So: tell me your (wondrous) stories of Bangkok.1

  1. Nasty stories need not apply, except if you really desperately want to warn me away from the city you can say "don't go, 4 srs" — but any further details will only rob me of sleep and equanimity, and we none of us want that because I am quite badly sleep-deprived already today. []

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