ha! i scoff at your fears!

No wondrous stories of Bangkok to soothe my rattled and overwrought nerves?

Well, I will gladly settle for a lack of terrifying stories. Accordingly, in a frenzy of post-procrastination last-minute panic, I have booked myself a holiday.

In a smidge less than six weeks, I will be tripping the light fantastic to Bhutan. This of course means I have to get on to the issue of travel vaccinations, um, yesterday. Oh, yeah, and renewing my passport.

Extra pressure is not particularly what I needed, right in the last days of the deathmarch, but deadlines without stress are too easily ignored, what ho? Plus, it'll make the holiday aspect of the trip that much more luxurious.

I am even — wait for it — (sort of, almost, nearly entirely) resolved not to take my laptop. 😯

3 thoughts on “ha! i scoff at your fears!

  1. I have not travelled through Bangkok so no stories from me. I could ask my hubby though… I think he travelled through Bangkok at least a couple of times.

    When we planned to go to Fiji, we only had a month to organise Josh's passport. It had expired, and kids' passports can't be renewed anyway. The passport office did it in a week (without me paying for the hurry-up service) and we had it within ten days. Get the passport form and photos sorted, and you should have one quickly enough to ease the post-travel stress.

    And make sure you have travel insurance!

  2. And make sure you have travel insurance!

    I am pricing a policy (and checking the inclusions with a fine-toothed comb) as a first priority! After the trauma your poor parents suffered, I will never scoff at travel insurance again. (Not that I ever did, really. I'm far too safe and middle-of-the-road for that. But I won't let anyone else scoff, if that helps.)

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