subtle salvation in poems and prose

Digital photography. I think it's beginning to grow on me.

I've never been big on taking photos. (We're talking about someone who spent six months in Europe and didn't actually change the 24-exposure film in her camera, after all.) Partly it's the film mentality of composing shots carefully so as not to waste film; partly it's the viewfinder being ridiculously small and not particularly amenable to those who need glasses in order to see.

But digital, digital is a whole new attitude. The viewfinder is not meant to be squished up against my face. If a shot is bad it's deletable, no wastage. Composition is happily relegated to the luck of the moment. I could get to like this.


I promise I won't flood you all with photos of the spawn at the farm. Honest.1 But this was my second favourite shot of the day, and I truly want to know: how is it that child and goat wear the exact same expression? Is the child channelling the goat?2

  1. Partly because we're fast running out of any actually good shots of said day! []
  2. Is the goat channelling the child? []

2 thoughts on “subtle salvation in poems and prose

  1. now that you mention it, he was a bit evil. maybe the goat was possessing the child! (she did seem to be remarkably interested in eating the goat pellets at one point.)

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