one, two, three and I'm safe

Bitch Ask, and ye shall receive. The clouds haven't cleared, but it's stopped raining. Briefly, anyway. The cicadas are taking advantage of the break to shriek at each other throughout the valley, and the bloodsuckers are having a field day. I am most definitely not stepping foot out of doors without shoes, because all this rain will probably have washed those wandering male funnel webs uncomfortably close to the house.

Revisions on the second golem novel continue apace. Things looked rocky at the start there, where it took me hours to fix a paragraph, but now that I'm in to the meat of the story I've found, to my utter and endless surprise (because writers is nuts), that the prose isn't quite as abysmal as I'd feared. No doubt my beta readers will all remember this post and gleefully point me back to it when they send me their comments, which will be peppered with "This sentence? Makes no sense." Me, I'm just happy to be past the panic attack caused by accepting money for an incomplete novel.

I've gone back to the writing routine which worked for me during the first novel, back in the days when my only thought was of actually finishing a novel and I hadn't even considered the idea of submitting it for publication. Back then I worked five days straight, and took a break from wordcount on the sixth day. I still worked on that sixth day: mostly it was research, or a chance to let the plot catch up with my head. Not having to churn out words made the day feel like a weekend, though. Right now, I enter the sixth day with grand plans of writing anyway… but I don't. Taking a break is important, too. It really shouldn't be a surprise to me, I suppose, that the process I found useful on my first novel might actually be my natural process. Go figure, eh?

Also? I love my new icon.