make it stop

I think I've found something even less fun than writing a synopsis, writing a query letter, pulling toenails out, worming a recalcitrant cat, fending off a funnel web with nothing but a christmas card1, … well, you name it.

Electrical interference between the doohickey and the whatsimabob2 is causing a high-pitched continuous whine that is slowly driving everyone insane. It's been whining, with occassional changes in pitch (just enough so you can never ignore the noise) since Saturday. It's getting louder.

It is possible this is the dayjob's attempt to turn everyone into zombies. Perhaps they simply think it will be amusing to watch.

I am seriously considering sticking a pencil down my ear canal. It couldn't hurt any less.

  1. Yes, I have done this. No, it was not fun. Nor particularly smart, for that matter. []
  2. The maintenance man did not use these terms. The maintenance man was not quite so confident: he just called it electrical interference…"somewhere"…. I am clearly more skilled than the maintenance man. []

2 thoughts on “make it stop

  1. ah ha! i think you are on to something there! i have developed an irrational desire to start recruiting people to my glorious new creed…

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