are they leather-bound pounds?

Over the break, I received a "close, but no. Send more?" rejection which is possibly the next best thing to an acceptance. (Writers really is nuts, aren't they? I've never met another breed of people who glory more in the nuances of rejectomancy.)

So, spirits high, I booted up the computer to find what other stories I might send — at which point I discovered there are no more. Well, there is one, but it's currently out elsewhere. Probably worth mentioning at this point that I have less than a handful of submissions out in the world.

I really need to work on building up a bit more in the way of short story inventory.

One day, when I grow up, I might be one of those writers who can work on multiple projects at the one time. In the meantime… anybody know how to slow down time without the use of mind-altering drugs? I caught a snippet of movie on TV yesterday which was all about a wristwatch that froze everybody but the wearer of the watch. See, that could be useful. I could get my daily writing done, and still have time for sleep and socialising and the dayjob. I could write a novel and a short story all in the same day!

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    Also, I think I might have found the best motivator for writing. I'm in the state library using the free wifi here, and it is sloooow. nothing to do between page loads but write.

  2. If I ever figure it out, I'll make you one as well, I promise. Can't believe you have a spot in the city with free wifi – here in hicksville we know not such wonders. (It is surprisingly difficult to type while nursing Max, by the by. Because he is a LUMP.)

  3. Haha! I call Sam a lump too! He has terrible posture when he's sitting. He's a lovely lump though.

    I usually go to a foodcourt around the corner, which has much faster wifi, but for some reason my comp has decided not to recognise the redirect to login, so…meh.

    Also, for some reason I can't reply to the post about I AM LEGEND. I shall take the warning to heart, and see it next week. Saw Hunting & Gathering yesterday. Made me want to be thin, cute and french. Apparently, that solves EVERYTHING.

  4. 'Twas a good movie. But from the moment when the dog ran into the dark, I think I stopped breathing. But then, I am an "ideal" audience member when it comes to tension.

    I have wanted to be thin, cute and French ever since Amelie. So far, no luck. 🙁

  5. The dog does not die when she runs in to the dark. That's when the zombie vampire humans make an appearance in the movie, is all, and suddenly it's not all hunting deer through deserted streets any more. I can't relax once zombie vampire human creatures have been sighted.

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