a random assortment

» The name Mudpuddle has now been adopted by immediate and extended family.

» I will be in Melbourne this coming weekend. Melbourne! Me! There will be attending of Rufus Wainwright concerts and a trip to the zoo. Anyone down that way wishing to catch up with me (which will be from late Saturday afternoon until Monday afternoon), please fling me an email and I'll give you my mobile number. I'll be checking my emails right up until Saturday morning, but internet access while in Melbourne will be sporadic to non-existent.

» News from A&U: the first golem book (which is still lacking a title, but shall henceforth, for the sake of not typing out "the first golem novel" all the time, be known for now as Bound) is scheduled for April 2009.

» The second golem book (which I am still in the process of breaking) will, for similar reasons, be known for now as Pledged.

» Both these titles are subject to change. In fact, they're almost guaranteed to change. But in the meantime, I will glory in typing only a single word in reference to the monsters :mrgreen:

» For various entirely dull reasons, I am currently debating the name under which I should publish these books. So! A poll!


Vote! (You know you want to. Go on — how am I ever to make such a momentous decision on my lonesome?)

ETA: I'm not sure the poll plugin is working πŸ™ You can still vote "manually" in comments

9 thoughts on “a random assortment

  1. Oh wow! Deb, somehow I missed your sales announcement in November. Please accept my belated happy dancing on your behalf. eeeeeeee!

    I tried to vote for McDonnell but I'm not sure it took.

  2. Thank you, Melinda! (You've had enough bad juju lately that I'm completely in awe you had time to notice at all!)

    Thanks for the vote – I do seem to be having trouble with the poll plugin timing out for some reason. I shall be most aggrieved if I have to live without my polls…

  3. I'm in Melbourne and a friend of the Zoo, so would love to join you. The thing is, I'm not sure where we'll be with the whole retrieval of my folks from South America.

    If you're willing to take a chance of some last minute company, I'll email you my mobile phone number. We can see if we can tee something up.

  4. absolutely, sounds great – tess and i will be wandering the zoo on sunday (i think that's the current plan), would be great if you can make it πŸ™‚

    and good luck with your folks. what a dreadful trip they've had!

  5. Neesy – you're biased πŸ˜‰ But with Suzanne's vote, that's 2:1 for Kalin. Everyone at work likes Kalin, too, I think because it's easier to spell than McDonnell!

    Suzanne – I will take extra photos at the zoo just for you, promise!

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