i should have been a pair of ragged claws

rainbowlorikeet.jpg Came home from work yesterday1 to find the invisible tree2 outside the eastern windows full of rainbow lorikeets. More precisely, one adult lorikeet, and a swarm of babies, all drunk on the goodness that is the invisible tree's seed pods.

Wildlife that not only doesn't kill, maim, or harm you but is actually pretty and cheer-making? It's a world gone topsy-turvy!

  1. I'm told it was a public holiday, but from my side of the dayjob desk, it didn't look like one. My paypacket may convince me otherwise, however 😉 []
  2. the invisible tree is so named because, incredible as it might seem, I could never see this tree out the eastern windows. What tree? I would say, turning, and at last (again) descrying the great branches scraping against the window. Oh. That tree. How long has that been there? []

4 thoughts on “i should have been a pair of ragged claws

  1. Actually, for all the spiders and snakes, we also get a great variety of birdlife, from kookaburras and butcher birds, to (australian) cuckoos and a whole slew of rosellas and parrots. We even get the occasional hawk and owl (usually chasing after the rabbit!). They more than make up for the nasties 🙂

  2. I cannot even imagine it!!! that you can enjoy the company of these amazing creatures .
    I have a rainbow lorikeet as a pet and beleive me he is very talkative and handsome.
    greetings from Athens – greece :

  3. Hi Aleka, welcome to the blog!

    The rainbow lorikeets are among my favourites, because I love the sound of their chattering. It's such a lovely little chitter, and so cheerful. I love to lie under the window and read to the sound of their conversation. They're also the least timid of the parrots that visit the invisible tree.

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