forget jumping in puddles, no more bare feet for me

Found a funnel web in the pool yesterday, but we left "little" atrax robustus alone a whole extra day before fishing him out — these spiders are notoriously slow to drown and have been known to recover even after two days' submersion.


Won't catch me thrusting my hand into the pool filter for a couple of days, I can tell you that for free. If there's any part of the Australian wildlife that scares me, it's spiders that belong higher on the food chain than me, and know it.

2 thoughts on “forget jumping in puddles, no more bare feet for me

  1. sorry! i was quite calm about him when i was staring at him laying on the bottom of the pool. a particularly different story when we fished him out and he was laying on the pool deck. my mother, amazon that she is, stepped on him to make utterly sure he was dead. (he was so big that he stuck to her shoe with his goo – that made for an interesting yell.)

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