i suppose i could call it an interesting day

After yet another storm last night which knocked the clocks out halfway through the night, there was a very real danger (of which, being asleep, I was blissfully unaware) that I would not in fact stumble out of bed in time to get to work.

Thanks to my neighbour's distinctly glorious (and singularly extensive) bout of retching, however, I did manage to wake in time. Not my first choice of early-morning serenade, I have to say. I would feel sorry for my neighbour, if only they didn't make my life hell in other ways; as it is, feeling amused by their pain was about the only reason I didn't hurl my non-functioning alarm clock at their bathroom window.

In case you're wondering, all these storms are a touch unseasonable, yes. Round about this time of year we're usually heading into bushfire season. In fact, round about this time last year, I was sitting at work, watching the sky turn the black and cracked red of hot embers, and thinking, "That one's gotta be close…" It was. It was one (long) building away. I guess thunder storms and lots of rain is better than bushfires.

Blerk. In rather better news, though, thanks to a very liberal sprinkling of the comment insert sheer genius here!, I think I only have one actual scene left to write before the abysmal draft is done, and I can start trying to insert scene and chapter breaks and making sense out of the narrative and turning said draft into an actual story. I can but hope, anyway.

Wish me luck. I'm going in.