So, a little ways back1, I very cryptically said:

There would have been more, but a phone call derailed me on that front. Incidentally, the phone call was also good news, so on the whole I couldn't get angry about losing my writing time, just this once.

Since there is actually ink on the contract now, and she's stuck with me committed, I can reveal the good news without fear of jinxing myself.

Said good news being: I have an agent. An agent from Curtis Brown Australia, no less.


Suddenly I feel all grown up.

Excuse me, won't you, while I celebrate by drinking excessive amounts of bourbon writing some more.

  1. for you people. For me, it's been an eternity, during which I've gnawed my spleen away to next to nothing []

16 thoughts on “w00t!

  1. Deb, this is brilliant news! Congratulations on a vast, universe-encircling scale.

    Hope the hangover/typing cramp wasn't too bad…!

    Best wishes (and a request for more details),


  2. a little late, but … woohoo for you! That's a wonderful agency, by all my research. Good for you!
    *does happy dance for Deb*

  3. hee – congratulations are never too late πŸ˜‰ Thanks, Melinda, I'm very excited to be represented by them, I've heard all good things about them.

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