name that book! (please?)

Yesterday I was cursing myself and calling myself all kinds of stupid for not writing down the ending.

Today I found the slips of paper on which I'd written down the ending. I'd only gone and slipped them inside my on-the-go notebook, so I could work on the novel at any convenient time, hadn't I.

Note to self: organisation is your friend. Truly. Not just a great and satisfying way to procrastinate.

Also today I wrote the very, very last words of the current novel. For those of you who've read the novel preceding: it's Dieter, being cheeky. Now all I have to do is write the words to get me to the end.

I am also trying — so far unsuccessfully — to come up with a title for both the current novel, and the preceding novel. Oh, and a title for the two as a set, since they're a single story in two volumes.

As is my usual luck with titles, I got nothing. Oh well, back to brainstorming.

3 thoughts on “name that book! (please?)

  1. mumblemutterwon'tbeascoolaswookiesgrumblerhubarbrhubarbrhubarb

    Good luck with the titles. I think you should use that HP one you came up with. Winnar.

  2. Tess: LOL, I'd forgotten about the HP one – good call. Definitely a winner. Although, with my brand new WOOKIEES ending, I could call legitimately it WOOKIEES now…

    Andrew: ha! brilliant! And if I just trawl through and change the character's name to Jessica, no one need ever know I didn't come up with it!

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