it leads you here, despite your destination…

Thank you, everyone, for your congratulations and your good wishes.

It's been a long month, trying to keep the cat in the bag, and it's an immense relief to be able to speak about it. My daily writing has even picked up — I passed the 1,000 word mark with ease this evening, something which hasn't happened in I really don't want to count how many days weeks.

I'm entering the final slog of the manuscript now; I can tell because I have very little mind for anything else, and, at the same time, very little idea how it will all play out. I know the epilogue (if it remains as an epilogue; anyway, I know the final words), I'm just not entirely sure how to get there. Guess I'll find out. Sooner would be nicer than later, so let's hope today's writing mood continues apace.1

I'm not looking forward to revising this one, because this first draft is a complete and utter mess. There's scenes out of order, I'm nearly four hundred pages in and I still haven't chapterised (actually, in a lot of cases I haven't even scenerised2), not to mention entire subplots missing and characters absent as if they live in a void except when I need them.3 Still, it's entirely possible it won't be as bad as I imagine.4 I have been known to imagine non existent horrors before.

I really should start referring to these novels by at least a working title, shouldn't I?

Writing: Golem Novel the Second (one day it will have a real, grown-up, proper title, I promise)
Reading: Jane Eyre

  1. This whole selling a novel I haven't finished yet is a bit tricky. I think I'm going to have to come up with some new and fantastic writers lies in order to get the draft finished, because all of a sudden "It's okay to write crap! It's a first draft! No one will see it!" isn't quite cutting it. []
  2. hush, yes, that is a word. I say so. []
  3. Another sign I'm near to that elusive ending: I'm thinking about the next project. []
  4. Did you spot it? That, right there, is a lie. It helps me keep writing, so it's allowed to stay. []