is that a stick in your balustrading…?

Came home today to find the biggest stick insect in the world1 hanging out by the rabbit's cage.


At first I told myself, no, it's a stick. Really, it's just a stick.

A stick with six perfectly aligned legs, complete with teeny feet clinging to the balustrade. A stick with antennae.


You know what's ridiculous? I couldn't actually get up the gumption to stick my hand too close to this fellow, when two weeks ago I had my face only inches away from one of the deadliest land snakes… Granted, the snake was a baby, and allegedly dead at the time, but still… No one ever died from a stick insect. I'm just saying.

  1. Those who live in equatorial regions will probably consider this fellow tiny, or at most average. But any insect longer than my forearm officially qualifies as "biggest in the world", just so you know. []

6 thoughts on “is that a stick in your balustrading…?

  1. You'll laugh, but they freak me out. I can't actually figure out why, but they make me all nervous! Which is part of why I couldn't stick my hand too close to him 😉

  2. I'm not a big fan of bugs, but I am a fan of BIG BUGS. I think it's the influence of all those 50's sci-fi movies I watched as a child. Anyway, I think he (or she) is spectacular! But I probably wouldn't have touched it, either. Cause: DAYAM. That is BIG. 😯

  3. Spectacular, isn't he? And the resemblance to a stick really is quite disconcerting. Sometimes I think that's what freaks me out the most. That, and all the other sticks laying around on the balcony between me and the door into the house… (Maybe I watched the same movies!)

  4. hee! the rabbit has this interior decoration kick where he loves to move sticks around, contemplate their new location, and move them somewhere else… he would totally have tried to take the stick insect!

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