doomed, i tell you

Today the girl-cat brought home a gift:


I'm not sure precisely what kind of snake it is, although it is teeny tiny, so I suspect it's a baby something. Which is kind of worrying, because that means there's a mother, presumably a rather larger mother, somewhere nearby. The colour makes me suspect it's a baby brown, but the faint white ridge across the back of its neck seems out of place for it to be a brown. Provided the ridge is natural colouring, and not some scar or wound inflicted by the cat, of course. I don't think it is.


See how tiny it is? And of course it's dead, so nothing to worry about…

…Except when I went out to check the mail, a couple of hours later, baby snake was missing. I did not clean up baby snake's corpse. No one else in the house cleaned up baby snake's corpse.

Baby snake was only playing dead, and has escaped to grow, and grow, and grow…

Which means my cousin, who took the photo below, is feeling rather grateful that Baby Snake did not launch at her face during the photo shoot.


ETA: I just looked up the common brown snake on Wikipedia1, and found:

Juveniles have a black head, with a lighter band behind

Yup. Baby Snake just may be a baby brown. Which means there's a community of 1.5m snakes around here somewhere — and, given they birth a clutch of 10 – 40 eggs, there's at least 9 other baby browns out there somewhere. Good stuff. We're definitely into the "shoes must be worn while outside" season.

  1. that font of all accurate knowledge, doncha know []

2 thoughts on “doomed, i tell you

  1. That thing around its neck is actually a gold and princely collar, because that snake is a prince who was put under a terrible curse by an evil witch, and the fact that your cat bemauled him has pissed his royal snakey arse right off, so you better not kiss him, 'cause if he turns back into a prince, he'll be all 'off with your head'.

    Obvious really.

  2. Crud, missed that one! You know, though, he doesn't have to turn back into a prince to be all "off with her head" – he just has to grow up a little!

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