bad writer. no biscuit.

In all the excitement over agents and snakes, it occurs to me I never did let you all out of your misery.

That's right: the bed has arrived, frame and mattress and linen1. Lookit!


Yes, there are actual, honest to god, flowers on the new linen. Any day now they're going to issue me with a "you're a real girl at last!" card. More importantly, however, Max approves mightily of the new linen, since it sets his colouring off much better than the black linen did.

In actual, you know, writing news, I have been slovenly and distracted. It is so seductively easy to get all the other errands done first, to "make time" for the writing at the end of the day. Problem is, there's always one more errand that needs doing, and making time quickly morphs into scrabbling for time. Bad writer. No biscuit.

Also, that inkling of an ending I had?

Guess who forgot to write it down. Guess who thought It's in the vault. I'll remember. I remember everything?

Oh, yes. Yes, that's right. So it's back to dashing my head against the keyboard, hoping something more useful than my childhood home's phone number falls out.

In the meantime, the inimitable Tess, part-time couch-gator, part-time mechwarrior, has suggested an ending. In fact, she's suggested two.

The A-Team barge in, kick butt, and take names.

Her second suggestion:


I must say, I like the second better. I'll see what I can do.

  1. It did not, actually, arrive all at once. Oh no. There were intervals, including an entire night with a frame but no mattress. In fact, since the photo, the proper bedside cabinet has also arrived, so it looks slightly different again. []

5 thoughts on “bad writer. no biscuit.

  1. hee – I can tell you're back with an internet connection 😉

    There has been sleeping. There is scads of comfort involved. I am consistently amazed and surprised when the mattress does not sink away when I sit on it. My old mattress, turns out, was worse than I thought!

    Of course, it is so comfortable, that now I forget to turn over in my sleep, and wake up frozen in position. Win some, lose some.

  2. …isn't waking in the same position you fell asleep in normal?

    (Whoo, my typing is horse shit. I typed 'wanking' instead of 'waking, 'feel' instead of 'feel', and 'asssleep', and 'norming'.)

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