and then there were two

two.jpgTurns out lucky bamboo doesn't survive a kitteh's savage play, after all. It just takes a long time to die. First it turns yellow and then it starts to shrivel and eventually, it develops nasty black spots.

It's also entirely possible this has less to do with the kitteh's play and more to do with me claiming I haven't killed my lucky bamboo plants. Call it life, God, the Force, synchronicity, or even shakabuku if you prefer, but it often works that way. Especially in my family. My older brother virtually can't open his mouth without being proven false within moments. I once caught a fly using barbecue tongs, and I suspect the final crowning moment is due in very large part to the fact that he told me, a heartbeat before, "You'll never catch it."

Sorry 'bout that, little (un)lucky bamboo.

6 thoughts on “and then there were two

  1. Forehead slaps? Is that even a power? Yeah, go with the nuclear winter upgrade.

    I once caught a mosquito one-handed with a pair of needle-nosed pliers. I was so impressed with myself I kept the body sealed in sticky tape in my wallet, until the wallet went in the washing machine.

    Was more upset about loosing the mosquito than anything else.

  2. nah, not a superpower, just what i've been threatening the patients with lately. anyone who gives me the irrits gets a forehead slap.

    i think catching the mosquito is far more impressive than catching the fly… but keeping it in sticky tape? that's just a leetle bit icky. well done you.

  3. I think I am going to write a story with IVF babies defrosting in the back room. Perhaps I will put the patient slapping in that one!

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