when market forces go bad good

I just purchased an airline ticket to Melbourne — which Google tells me is something over 1,000km distant by road — for $51.


According to the airline's website, that's a $2 credit card fee, a $9 fare, and $40 in taxes.

If I was going to make the 11+ hour drive to Melbourne, I'd pay at least $100 in fuel alone. And yet I'm essentially flying for $9.

It's a strange world, is all I'm saying. Now that we have more than the one airline in Australia, it's a better world, at least as far as airline fares are concerned.

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  1. Ah, yes, quite a few of those nasty eight-legged types. Not to mention quite a few of those nasty snake types. I'm not sure how we rank on insects but, this being the Great Land o' Venom, probably bad there, too 😉 Just steer clear of Sydney and its surrounds, and you'll be clear of the funnel webs. And I think Victoria's big on the white-tails. Oh, and those gorgeous tropical northern beaches? Full of deadly jellyfish. And where there's no jellyfish there's great white sharks.

    …Actually, maybe it's not such a great place to live after all… 😕

    Mind you, the airfares have only recent come down (and I did get that seat three months in advance and on sale…), now that we have an open market. For years we had only QANTAS and Ansett, and then Ansett went under, and we had…one airline. Prices then were very, very bad. I used to be very jealous of the Europeans, who could buy flights across half a continent for less than fifty pounds.

  2. hee. i haven't actually booked my flight home yet, miss tess, but i am booked to arrive. and the tickets turned up in the mail yesterday!

  3. Eeee! Precious!

    (I'm at home, and I can no longer drive a PC. I'm too used to my Macbook. This keyboard is weird, and I have lost the ability to right click.)

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