today was a good day

Today I purchased (or ordered, and paid a deposit for) a new bed and a new mattress. (Which, given that purchasing mattresses involves lying down in public and is therefore on the whole an awkward and slightly ridiculous affair, is quite an achievement. The salesman in the mattress store did not share my sense of humour.) Given my current mattress is probably pushing 15 years, my back and neck will thank me when the brand new mattress arrives.

Buzzing slightly from the experience of spending money,1 I thought about parting with yet more of the hard-earned on some CDs or DVDs. I held off on that one, though, because my family would quite likely kill me if I happened to buy something they'd already earmarked as a gift.

Also today, I managed to get 23 words on the novel, thereby officially breaking the drought. I know this does not seem like much to celebrate, but drought-breaking is always to the good. There would have been more, but a phone call derailed me on that front. Incidentally, the phone call was also good news, so on the whole I couldn't get angry about losing my writing time, just this once. Besides, there will be more words tonight, when I find another pocket of spare time and can get un-derailed.

In the meantime, it's time to pretend I'm domesticated enough to know how to operate an iron, and avoid burning myself while ironing shirts for work.2

  1. Clearly I don't do this spending thing often enough. []
  2. Seriously, I do not jest. Although I've never topped the achievement of a friend of mine, who really should not have been ironing while naked. Lesson learned, I should think. []

12 thoughts on “today was a good day

  1. Hi Deb,

    I gather from Tessa that today's your birthday, so, since she's requested that you be internet-stalked today:

    Happy happy and a very loud yay!


    P.S. Ironing while naked can be done without injury, but it's probably best avoided.

  2. Hey Chris and Andy,

    Thank you, yes, today is in fact my birthday. And, wonder of wonders, it has actually been a good day. Two good days in a row? Why, that's a world gone topsy-turvy 😉

  3. Happy happy and total 'yay!' to you! (Belated, even in my timezone, but there's still parts of this world where it isn't yet, so I'm just claiming temporary allegiance to those parts. The Tess, she did say "please".) 🙂

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