into the woods and outta the woods…

Lookit. The only plant which has to date survived my "I don't actually kill plants so much as forever draw out their waning lives on the narrow edge of death… a kind of torture born of inattentiveness and panicked applications of water by way of sudden rescue…" tactics.

Although astute observers will notice the plant is not, strictly speaking, thriving:

That, my friends, is what cat breath (and fangs) will do to a plant. Why yes, this would be the lucky bamboo which survived its six foot plummet to the floor. Astuter observers will notice the water spray bottle in the background, always ready to protect the lucky bamboo from the attacks of playful cats. The moose is courtesy of Suzanne, my roomie at Clarion. Cute, innit he? He has a Canadian flag badge pinned to his antler.

5 thoughts on “into the woods and outta the woods…

  1. I sympathize on the bad with plants front. I think I actually turned one into a weird form of vegetable undead once. I can still hear the screams of its victims some nights as it slakes its unholy thirst on the blood of the living.

    As for Spud, I think he's just an artist, and wants every plant he sees to look like a weeping willow.

  2. A weeping willow? Well, they do look good, if you've got the right foliage. Perhaps Spud will grow into a new phase soon, and add another style to his repertoire.

    I think Max is currently exploring the trials and tribulations of bonsai.

    Leigh: my bunny eats books. No paper is safe. I have half an envelope holding some X-ray films, thanks to le bunneh. And every now and then I'll dig out a book I haven't read in a while, to discover the corner of the spine nibbled away.

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