five random things make a post

  • a word you never expected your aunt to know: frottage.
  • i had a haircut three whole days ago now. i still hate it. sign of a truly bad haircut. this one's gonna take a few months to undo.
  • is leonard cohen's "hallelujah" the most covered song ever in the history of mankind? i have twenty-seven versions of it on my hard drive, only one of them by the man himself, and i wasn't actually trying for a collection.
  • i am on annual leave from the dayjob, ostensibly to write lots on the novel. then the baby was born and the family descended. so while i'm still writing, i'm not getting much more done than i would have were i at work. life, and novels, they are sneaky.
  • i have no plot for my novel. stupid recalcitrant novel. we're coming up for the deathmarch now, the plot can't go walkabout now

2 thoughts on “five random things make a post

  1. I thought I didn't know what frottage was, then I realised I did. The first definition anyway.

    Does that make it two bad hair cuts in a row? Time for a new hairdresser.

  2. yeah, i knew the first definition. the second (which is the context my aunt was using), i didn't know.

    the last bad haircut was good except for the fringe being too short. this one is badbadbad all over. time for a new hairdresser.

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