and darling, we go a-drowning…

Astute observers will notice I disappeared for a day or two there. Sorry 'bout that. Sick. Better now (at last!), or at least better enough to function.

This of course leaves me decades behind in writing, and facing a rather grim day in terms of getting back into the flow of the novel. I find it hard enough to get back into the novel when I've had a couple of days off. When those couple of days off are because I ran out of plot and the novel started baulking at any new plot I threw at it… well. We shall see. Complicating matters is the presence of a house-guest and her two cats who, not surprisingly, are causing havoc and dissension in the feline residents of this house.1

Despite this, I am cheerful enough — because this morning I purchased tickets to see Rufus in concert early next year. Rufus!

Rufus is one of my favourite singer songwriters. Doesn't matter whether his songs are melancholy, upbeat, passionate or whatever, there's a single, underlying thread of zen in them for me. His songs always suit my mood. And now, if you'll excuse me, I may go and mainline said songs in an attempt to get the novel to behave.

  1. This means I am living with four cats at the moment. My two cats, a girl and a boy, have not been made closer by the presence of enemies in teh house — in fact, the girl cat appears to confuse the boy cat with the enemies, since he's the same colour, and she hates all and sundry. The boy cat cannot stand the other boys and wants only to cuddle in close to the girl cat for added comfort. Meanwhile, the two interlopers (who should at least be reliably sanguine with each other) periodically spat with each other over the pretty girl cat. Oh, and they've discovered the rabbit. It's like a comedy with fangs. Without the comedy. []

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