good as a holiday, i'm told

Sometimes what you need is a fresh start. Sometimes you get one anyway.

I upgraded to WordPress 2.3 last night and, following a series of mystifying and doubtless comical problems, I … er … lost all my old posts.

Well, not lost, as such. I do have the databases backed up,1 and I do know of an import function that would bring all the old data back into the new install. I have lost all the categories on my old posts, though, backup or no, which is rather more of a pain. Sure and I don't want to be trawling through some whatever-many posts and re-categorising.

Surprisingly, I find myself quite sanguine about all of this. Strange.2

I have found the plugin which was breaking everything and thus caused my dreadful lapse of judgement in resorting to a clean install, so hopefully now all will be well. Although this does mean all comments will be treated as new, and will need to be manually approved before they appear; bear with me on that one. Also, anyone who bothered to register with the blog, that information is lost, sorry. You'll need to create a new login (although you don't need to be registered to comment).

So, here we are. Fresh install. First priority is to get the static pages up, and I'll maybe start importing old posts over the next few days. I'm also thinking, to celebrate my new state of zen, of designing a new look for the site.

We'll see how we go. In the meantime, welcome back. It's certainly sparser cleaner now!

  1. because I am a diligent little fly []
  2. I can assure you I wasn't feeling quite so sanguine about six hours ago. It's amazing what sleep will fix. []

9 thoughts on “good as a holiday, i'm told

  1. You caught me right in the middle of staring at my computer screen thinking "There's a powerful lot of work I have to do fixing this."


    Ah well. I was getting bored of the old look anyway.

  2. Thanks, Gershom! I do like the Falling Leaves theme a lot (it actually provided a lot of the basis for my custom theme, originally).

  3. I'm curious… would it be possible for you to tell me what the code is for putting the progress meter onto a page… I know you're busy and all, but maybe you know it off of the top of your head? I'm installing the meter onto my page to show the readers how much we're getting in donations. Thank you for your plugin 🙂

  4. Ah, my plugin usage instructions. I think they're the pages I'm going to miss the most.

    I've updated the Downloads page with the ProgressFly documentation. Please forgive the lack of time and thought given to the formatting, which I know makes it hard to read. If it's not clear, feel free to email or comment again to grab my attention, and I'll try to be clearer.

    Hope the plugin works out well for you 🙂

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