me, i must like it or something

As is perhaps natural enough in all those who chose to pursue something artistic, I have at various times given serious thought to money. How much of it I have (never enough), how much more of it I'd like, how much I need to survive without subsisting on cat food, now and in the future… šŸ˜•

It's a tricky one. Whenever I can pull it off, I manage to go months on end without worrying about money. I apparently have one of those brains that never shuts up, however, which means ultimately I never escape for long.

So, a poll. Because as Tess points out, there has not been enough polling on this blog.


Me, I'm a constant worrier. If it's not money, it'll be something else. Sometimes, I even manage to harness my worrying for the powers of good, and put them to use gnawing over the latest work in progress. The world is full of teeny, tiny miracles after all.

8 thoughts on “me, i must like it or something

  1. Heh.

    I worry about everything… including worrying if I'm not worrying, for that portends approaching worry… when the other shoe drops…

    My brain never shuts up either… i'm trying to teach it to…

  2. Oh, hey, that makes me feel better. I don't think I've worried that I'm not worrying. I do think I'm going to take up yoga and/or some other form of meditation in an attempt to get some quiet time. It's pretty grim when you need quiet time away from yourself, though, isn't it?



    I love capital letters.

    Anyway, I earn a stupid amount of money considering how ridiculously dumb this job is. I don't worry about now, but future plans of moving out are worrisome. Well that's not true. I just worry in general terms.

    I do worry about home owning. Namely, that I'll never do it. Actually, that's not worry, that just pisses me off.

    Really wanted to tick the second one.

  4. Yeah, the home-owning is a tricksome one. I think to afford anything I'm going to have to go halves in something rather than buy outright. Or do what Nike suggested, and buy a car-parking space. The sad thing is, I don't know that I could even afford a car-parking space!

  5. I ticked the first box, but if I'm honest I earn more than I used to- or did until my contract expired. šŸ™ Grah! Money does my head in – especially right now, but possibly Brilliant Career is worse. Then there is spending enough time writing (and what am I doing on line when I should be writing?) to feel productive.. and don't get me started on having a family or home ownership or I might never stop. I think I might be a Concentrated Ball of Pure Worry right now anyway – low grade worry with high bursts of angst, and a certain reckless optimism/faith in between times tends to be my more usual default setting. Every now and then I wonder why I didn't decide to get into law. The arts have their own rewards, but money certainly isn't one of them. When I've been a curator for five years I might earn what my husband will earn a year or two into working as a paramedic. I don't really expect to earn money from writing – it would just be nice, as a way of keeping score that people like my stuff, to be paid for it. Still, I keep going. Like your rabbit in the user icon.

  6. I hope you realise that some of us in North America spell it "paycheque", I'll have you know!

    I worry about money. Most days.

    I've had nightmares about it the last couple of nights. Must be something in the air.

  7. Liz: I hear you. Oh, I hear you. I'm an engineer by training, which I loved and which certainly paid better than… well, than low-grade part-time admin so I have enough time to write. I don't regret my choice, but that doesn't mean I don't spend a ridiculous amount of time worrying about my income, now and in the future. Gah!

    Suzanne: hee. Yes, but you Canucks are right-thinking people, remember? You all have a strange way of pronouncing words šŸ˜‰ but you spell 'em right still — good, ol'fashioned archaic. nothing like it.

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