sconus sconus

Is there a correct size for a scone? I ask because I had a scone this morning which was larger than my hand. Not just my palm, my entire hand. This strikes me as excessive. But perhaps it isn't, perhaps that's a normal size for a scone, perhaps they are a gargantuan breed of the dough world and I didn't recognise it simply because I've only ever eaten pygmy scones.1

I am decades behind on my wordcount. I would blame HP7 except it only took one day out and I'm behind by more than that. Stuff it, let's blame HP7 anyway. Give me time, I'm sure I can concoct a reason why my tardiness is directly related to the potterverse. Or something.

In related news, I discovered Maureen McHugh's novel process the other day and, after careful consideration, I think I am sliding down from This is going to take some work to This sucks. And it's boring. Oh dear. Send reinforcements, preferably of the junk food variety. I'm going in.

  1. For the record, it wasn't a very nice scone. I think I prefer the pygmy variety. You get a nicer distribution of jam/honey and cream to crumbly scone. And they're not as dry. []

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