random learnings this week

  • Catherine Tate is to play the Doctor's companion in series four.
  • Truly, tempura is the only way to eat your veggies. It even makes carrot taste delicious, instead of like chewing on pale wood.
  • Tempura is also quite oily. Quite. But! Delicious.
  • It is entirely possible to make a paperweight out of a contraceptive ring. The resultant contraption will be neither attractive nor tasteful, of course, and if you're a marketing person working for a company that manufactures these things, I'd strongly advise a different strategy. But, it is possible. And (oh the joys of working in medical administration) yes, it has been done.1



  • I have over four week's worth of annual leave stored up, and really need to whittle that down some. So, holiday. Destination suggestions?
  • Writing 3,000 words in one day is a little too much for this monkeybrain to cope with and emerge unscathed. That'll teach me for letting the quota slide and having to catch up.
  1. What amuses me most about this paperweight is that the included ring? Has placebo written on it. Just to let you know, in case you were feeling cheap and thought you could raid the paperweight for your contraceptive needs, that it won't work. []

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