looks like i'm doomed

New words yesterday: 2,621
New words today: 1,088

Not only am I officially caught up as of yesterday, but I managed not to fall behind today. It took over two hours but — Wiktory! Also, turns out some of the out-of-sequence stuff I've been writing might, just might, fit in the first two chapters. I'm putting it there anyway. For now.

However, apart from the dead woman being snarky inside her head, I am not being nearly nasty enough to the characters. No wonder the story didn't feel right. Note to self: change this. Get nastier!

In today's spectacular display of incompetence, I managed to set my alarm for the correct time (even for AM and not PM as I am sometimes wont to do when I really wouldn't mind a sleep in and I'm pretty sure, subconsciously, that the world won't stop if I do…) … and then fail to actually turn it on. Score one more for team me.

On a somewhat related note, in randomly raiding cleaning my hard drive today, I came across this post, which is two days shy of being a year old. That's 363 intervening days.

I didn't learn it on those days, either.

Yup — pretty much doomed.

4 thoughts on “looks like i'm doomed

  1. On being nastier to characters? I've found two different points of view on this recently – one is in the State Library of Victoria YA blog 'Inside a Dog' where Scott Westerfield & Justine Larbalestier are talking about pulling each other up on this with their writing. The feeling when you haven't cut quite enough to the bone, and where this can take you. http://www.insideadog.com.au/residence/index.php/scott-and-justine/writing-together/
    The other was in an article written by Susan Woolfe, which a friend has just posted me a link for, in my lj. It talks about how the part of your mind where the stories come from has its own amoral agenda that doesn't take into account how we want to feel, how things should look, social conventions etc., but if allowed its way will shock us, shame us, and confuse the bejeezus out of us. But that's where the most 'real', authentic writing comes from. And it has a logic of its own that needs to be honoured and seen out to the end. I found this really thought proviking:

  2. Thanks, Liz, those are some great links. I think I'll post them to the front page of the blog, even. I loved Leaning Toward Infinity when I read it, and the interview is a fascinating peek into the author's thought processes. Did you know Scott was one of my Clarion tutors? He and Justine always have useful and pertinent stuff to say!

  3. Did I know that? No I didn't! But it's a small world. A good friend of mine works with the SLV and is one degree of separation from the 'Inside a Dog' blog site. 🙂 I enjoy Justine's blog, which I discovered through Endicott Studio – she's funny, and has very shrewd things to say about writing as a business as well as a process. Really should get around to reading those books she writes… 😉

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