i'll just be over here…in the sun…sleeping working

From the outside, it occurs to me (quite frequently, actually) that this writing caper doesn't look particularly difficult or taxing.

Just yesterday, for example, I sat down on a sunny spot on the couch to think through a knotty plot problem (namely, that this novel doesn't appear to have one).

I worked so hard at this that I slipped into a deep sleep, and woke an hour later. Oh yes, it's tricksy stuff, this coming up with stories. On the other hand, I did discover a facet or two of character motivation which might help with the ending at least.

Now all I have to do is get there.

6 thoughts on “i'll just be over here…in the sun…sleeping working

  1. oh dear. are you poor victorians still freezing? we've actually returned to the land of the living up this way — i've been able to feel every finger and toe for consecutive days on end now 😯

  2. It's warming up down here – I haven't needed my big coat for a week or so now – but there is not this 'sun' thing happening.

    Dad sent me a text when he landed in Malaysia, and all it said was "24 degrees here". Jerk.

  3. Oh yeah! That happens to me too! As lazy as it feels, sometimes at is quite helpful, one of those deep, deep naps in the sunshine! (Or am I just kidding myself??) A writers hazard! LOL

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